Eyebrow tattooing for men – where is the best place to go in the London area?
Permanent makeup artists specialising in permanent makeup for men are few and far between at the moment. The shape and style of a man’s eyebrow is very different to a woman’s brows, so it is very important to avoid making a man appear feminine, unless that is what they are requesting.

Natural hair strokes should be applied using the Microblading technique. Individual fine strokes are applied using a manual tool. These should look completely natural. The shade of colour chosen should match the client’s skin tone and the shape to match the face. In the case of alopecia male clients, it is of utmost importance to get the positioning and shape correct, in the place the hair used to be. Using old photos may be of use, but any experience permanent makeup technician will be able to know from looking at the client what suits them.

Suki Su has over 5 years experience treating male clients, including full alopecia clients. She is based in several locations across Hertfordshire and London. Namely, Hair to Ware in Ware, Lulu Hair & Beauty in Pinner, Skin Transform in Croxley Green and the EA Clinic on Harley Street, London.

If you need eyebrow tattooing for men, get in touch with Suki for a free consultation.