I often get asked what ink I use. So many people these days are worried about allergies / reaction and want an ink which is both natural and safe.

There are actually no FDA approved tattoo inks, so determining what ingredients have been used in a tattoo (including permanent makeup) can be difficult.

I use PhiBrows by PhiAcademy – one of the world’s best pigments for microblading. There are various pigments available which you can view here https://www.phishop.com/en/phibrows/pigments.html. These can be mixed to find the best colour for each, individual client.

One thing to consider when choosing a permanent makeup artist, is if the ink they are using is safe for MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans. The dye used in red tattoo inks contains iron. If tattoo ink contains iron, this can cause issues when having an MRI. They can get very hot. This is very rare, but worth considering. So if you have a browny-red mix for your brows, this may contain iron (think of the colour rust).

“Since iron can conduct electricity, loops of current are induced when the magnetic fields are rapidly changing during the imaging process,” NessAiver told Life’s Little Mysteries. “Any time you have a current flowing, as in a wire or other metal, that metal can get hot hot enough to burn.”

PhiBrow inks are MRI safe ?

Also consider that if you are not happy with your eyebrow treatment done by someone and want them removed by laser tattoo removal, iron can react with laser and go hard and required surgical removal – so choose wisely!

The SUPE ink formula is characterized by compressed yellow pigment. Compressing the pigment leads to the increase in its stability. By its nature, yellow (uncompressed) is the most unstable colour. When it fades out from the skin, eyebrows may get grey or reddish. Equal stability of all pigments that make the brown colour in SUPE, prevents the colour from changing into an unwanted one until it fades out completely.

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