Medical Tattooing for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition that presents as pale patches of skin.  It can be localized or can affect several areas of the body and face.  Once it develops it is considered permanent.  It is believed that it is an auto immune condition that attacks the melanocytes (melanin) in the skin.  These are the cells that give our skin colour.  Darker skins have a dense amount of melanin where lighter skins, such as with red heads, have little.  Melanin in the skin basically dictates whether you will burn or tan when your skin is exposed to the sun.  Vitiligo patients have patches where the melanin is entirely absent and, if the skin around it is naturally darker then the condition is very noticeable.  Camouflage tattoo treatments are an advanced practice that require experience and extensive knowledge of the relationship between colour theory and skin.  I can carefully disguise the noticeable patches of skin with tattoo that dramatically diminishes the contrast between the affected skin and the skin around it, thus restoring a more even skin tone.  Several treatments are required to build up and blend the colours, and to create the most natural result.  Treatments are comfortable and clients are educated on post-service care to keep their camouflage tattoos in top condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have very dark natural skin. Can you help me?

I am able to create a customized colour blend to work toward diminishing the contrast between your existing skin colour and the hypopigmented patches. Completed over several treatments, allowing the skin to heal between sessions permits me to make adjustments as we proceed while also gradually building the colour in order to achieve optimal healed results. 

My vitiligo is most apparent on my face and I am having too much difficulty concealing with cosmetics.

Camouflage for vitiligo yields an outstanding result and eliminates or dramatically reduces the need for cover up cosmetics.  You can carry on about your life without worrying about the concealing makeup wearing off.  Of course, this is a highly advanced treatment that requires extensive skill and experience. It is considered permanent, but the treatment will fade due to the type of high quality pigments necessary for best results.  Any camouflage tattooed skin that is exposed to the sun must be carefully cared for since the camouflaged skin will not change colour while the skin around it will tan or burn.  Post care service in my clinic is second to none.  I will ensure you know exactly how to care for your skin post treatment so that you get the most longevity possible.

How many sessions will it take?

A thorough consultation with you will determine how many treatments you require for optimal coverage.  It is important to gradually build over several sessions to get the most natural results and this permits me to monitor healing and make adjustments to your treatment plan. 

Will my vitiligo disappear on the treated area?

I strive for the best possible results, but it is impossible to guarantee perfection.  This is true of any para-medical tattoo procedure, done by any artist.   Guarantees simply cannot and should not be made as everyone is different.  My experience informs my knowledge of colour mixing and density creation, but as the skin is forever changing there may be slight contrast remaining.  What I can assure is that the appearance of your vitiligo will be dramatically reduced.

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