Don’t you love the march of technology? We certainly do, as it has given rise to a host of incredible new beauty treatments for those with less-than-perfect brows. We’re taking a closer look at the different types of eyebrow tattoos available today and which option would best suit your needs. 

Before you dive into any permanent or semi-permanent procedure, it’s important to do your homework. (And especially so when you’re tackling imperfections on your face.) So, let’s unpack the most common options here. 

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

Your eyebrows act as a magical frame for your eyes and have the power to change the entire look of your face. A beautifully crafted eyebrow can enhance your eyes, define your facial features and refocus attention away from minor flaws.

It’s no wonder people are keenly interested in the various tools and treatments available to craft the most alluring brows for their unique look. 


Most of us are aware of microblading, also known as semi-permanent tattooing or semi-permanent makeup. This process has been around for some time now and is a popular choice for people who have very thin or patchy brows or have suffered from hair loss. It’s also ideal for people who are looking to enhance the shape of their brows but still maintain a natural overall look. 

Microblading involves a small hand-held tool that creates dozens of fine lines (or hair strokes) while depositing a special microblading ink into the epidermis. The “semi-permanent” part is essential to remember as this procedure only delivers colour to the upper layer of skin and, therefore, will require regular touch-ups every 12 months or so.

The result is a clean, natural look with a great shape and a colour that gradually settles into a tone that compliments your skin and hair. 

Nanoblading (Nano brows)

Much like microblading, nanoblading builds up a natural-looking brow using fine, hairlike strokes. The process is also a semi-permanent solution, but the main difference between the two is the thickness of the applicator. Nanoblading makes use of a super-fine needle that allows the technician to create a softer, more natural result with the careful and accurate placement of fine “hairs”. The result is a stunning, perfectly shaped and filled brow.

Some prefer nanoblading as the smaller needle makes for a less painful experience with less bleeding, and the procedure tends to last longer than microblading.

Powder Brows

If you suffer from oily skin, you’re likely encouraged to avoid microblading. Larger pores and excess sebum mean that your skin won’t retain the pigment; within a short period, your brows will appear blurry and discoloured. However, this is not the case with powder brows. 

This procedure was designed to create brows with a distinctly soft, powdery effect. The pigment is applied manually by an experienced artist with a quick prick of the skin, and the colour and shape are built up slowly using these tiny pixels, or dots. The final result is a gentle, layered effect that is just a little darker and more defined than your natural brows and maintains a look of a high-end, carefully filled brow. 

Ombre Brows

Ombre brows, also known as ombre powder brows, have graduated from a good option to a great one! This technique fills the brow area with thousands of tiny, carefully applied dots which gradually build up the colour and shape that you’re looking for. The procedure is more permanent than microblading as the pigment is deposited deeper, often over time. 

The Ombre brow is not for everyone, as it delivers a bold, defined look. However, with the range of colour pigments available today, a skilled technician can still create a well-defined brow that looks natural and beautiful. You will require touch-ups to maintain the shade and definition you prefer, but likely only every 12 – 18 months, depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Brow Correction

Sadly, some have experienced the disappointment of a poorly executed eyebrow procedure and come in for corrective help. Whether your colour, shape, or overall appearance is causing you anxiety, rest assured that there are steps that you can take to correct the problem. 

In some instances, it’s a simple case of reshaping and redefining your brows to best suit your face shape. Alternatively, we may need to revisit your final colour and introduce different shades to achieve the look you desire. It may take time and patience, but remember that it’s always best to talk to a professional who comes highly recommended and that you know you can trust. 

Why Choose Eyebrow Tattoos?

For many, the shape and colour of their eyebrows are not so much related to the latest fashion trends as to looking and feeling their best. In some cases, medical issues have robbed both men and women of their facial hair, including their brows. For others, age or poor health has resulted in light, sparse eyebrows, making them feel less than the confident and gregarious people they once were. Considering your brows are – literally – front and centre of your face and perform such a critical role in your personal identity, it’s no wonder people jump at the opportunity of a more permanent solution that looks fabulous all day, every day. 

Whatever type of eyebrow tattoo you choose, we encourage you to do your homework and ensure that you’re working with a seasoned professional. The importance of getting the right colour, tone, texture, and shape cannot be overstated!

Please feel free to get in touch with Suki for more information on choosing the best option for you.