If you’ve searched for “stretch mark tattoo camouflage near me” then you’re in the right place. Indeed, it can be incredibly distressing to see stretch marks on your once-flawless body, but you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution. 

Brazilian stretch mark camouflage in the UK is growing in popularity due to the amazingly simple and lasting technique of using medical tattooing to hide unsightly scars and stretch marks. We are able to adjust both the texture and colour of scars for more effective camouflage with medical needling. This technique will also stimulate the body’s natural wound-healing response.

We’ve noted everything you need to know about the process of stretch mark camouflage and whether it will be right for you.

What is Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage?

The Brazilian stretch mark camouflage technique is an innovative way to disguise any area of your body that has been affected by stretch marks. 

Utilising a meticulous tattooing method, this process creates pigment illusions in order to conceal any stretch marks or scars that make you feel uncomfortable. By carefully matching your natural skin tone, we can erase the unpleasant discolouration on the skin making stretch marks, scars, and other skin problems almost invisible.

Can I Tattoo Over a Scar?

Can you tattoo skin colour over a scar or stretch mark? Yes – using Brazilian stretch mark and scar camouflage tattoo ink, technicians are able to effectively camouflage your unique skin tone into the scar. 

This non-surgical medical procedure will deposit ink that mimics the natural human pigment of one’s specific ethnicity onto affected tissue. Skin is not uniform in pigmentation (just like hair), so it requires an advanced technique for mixing and matching colours throughout. The scar or stretch mark needs to be flat and lighter than your skin tone in order to change the colour.

Who Can Perform this Procedure?

The procedure should be done by a trained technician. The pigment of the skin and tissue is not something to take lightly as it can have lasting effects on your appearance. Ensure that whoever performs the process has completed training, advanced knowledge in pigmentation science, artistic eye for correct colouration technique, certification from an accredited institution.

Is it Painful?

You may feel some discomfort during the procedure, depending on where your stretch marks are, but topical anaesthetics can be applied to provide a pain-free experience, however it is best to do without as the skin is less spongy. Most clients say that they felt a little scratching or tickling sensation, some areas more than others. Pain factor 4-6 out of 10.

Is There Downtime After the Treatment?

As this is a non-invasive procedure, most clients don’t require any downtime after their stretch mark treatment although they may feel a little discomfort for a few days around the affected area. It’s always best to do one area at a time.

How Long Does Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflaging Take?

It depends on the size of the area being treated, but a session can last between 1-3 hours. This procedure can’t be rushed though, and you may need 1 – 4 sessions before we achieve your desired results. 

Can I Camouflage New Stretch Marks?

Ideally, you should consider stretch mark camouflage only once your body has healed completely in the areas that you want to manage. Marks that have turned white with a silver-tone have fully healed and can be treated. Scars and stretch marks need to be at least 1 year old.

How Long Does Stretch Mark Camouflaging Last?

The longevity of this treatment varies from person to person. Factors like sun exposure, your immune system, and your lifestyle can have an impact on whether or not you’ll want touch-ups in the future. 

On average, results are long-lasting with anywhere up to 3-10 years before needing another treatment. For lasting results, it’s best to stick to the post-treatment care offered by the professional performing your procedure. 

What is Titanium Dioxide in Medical Tattooing?

Titanium dioxide or TiO2 particles are used in our tattoo pigments because they make the pigment look brighter and more vivid. The particle refracts light which disperses wavelengths that enhance colours (white light). These assist in creating the best colour match for your skin tone. 

Is the Procedure Safe?

When done by an experienced professional, stretch mark camouflage is as safe as any tattoo. It’s wise, however, to ensure that you undergo the required patch tests and a full consultation beforehand to be 100% sure that this is right for you.

Is the Procedure Suitable for Sensitive Skin Types?

As with any treatment, it’s important to spend time with your skin specialist to discuss potential problems or reactions on sensitive skin. A patch test should determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for stretch mark tattooing

Do I Need Medical Needling Before Stretch Mark Camouflage?

Medical needling for scars is a process that improves the look and feel of scar tissue and makes a real difference to the end result of your stretch mark treatment. 

Raised, bumpy scars will start to flatten out and become smoother over time as your natural skin tone returns with this healing technique. Sunken or loose scars fill in again as their appearance starts to improve, making them less visible on the body than before dry needling has been performed. 

How do I Prepare for the First Visit?

Purchase an antibacterial or baby wash mild soap for the body. Wash the area on the day of the appointment. 

It’s also important to avoid alcohol on the day and 48 hours after. We do ask our clients about their nutritional intake, so please eat well before coming into treatment because eating generally leads to feeling better overall throughout one’s appointment. Lots of hydration is important too.

We will be matching the tattoo ink to your natural skin colour so it’s important that you don’t arrive with a tan (fake/sun) or when your tan fades, the pigment won’t match.

Finally, don’t apply lotions or oils to the treatment area before your visit.

What Does the First Procedure Involve?

Your stretch mark/scar will be carefully analysed to assess whether a Brazilian Scar Camouflage Tattoo can effectively conceal it. Your skin colouring and some colour-match tests are also evaluated in order for the technician to ensure you have an optimal pigmentation used. Throughout the procedure, we ensure that you remain comfortable.

How Many Sessions Will I Require?

The number of sessions needed depends on your skin and how it reacts to the treatment. You may need between 1 and 4 sessions for the very best results. 

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Once your treatment is complete, your skin will need time to heal as it will be red and swollen for the following few days. The tattooed area will go dark whilst its healing  The final results will take between 60 – 90 days to show as your body recovers. Rare cases healing can take up to 6 months. Patience is truly needed.

It’s important to follow the post-treatment plan given by your technician to ensure the best results possible. 

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What are Some Post Treatment Considerations?

The pigment may appear dark and inflamed after the procedure but this is a normal reaction that’s part of healing. The dark healing scab colour should fade within 8-10 weeks, although it may be red or tender for up to 5-8 days before resolving. 

Some people also experience some itchiness, swelling, blistering (especially if they have an allergy), which can last anywhere from two hours to one month depending on your body type and skin sensitivity level.

Post-Treatment Care of Stretch Mark Tattooing

After your procedure, it’s important to follow a few simple guidelines in order for your tattooed area to heal properly. 

  • For 48 hours after getting an application of scar or stretch mark camouflage tattoos, avoid contact with water and soap.
  • You may wash the skin after 72 hours using lukewarm water and antibacterial or mild baby wash.
  • Apply the healing ointment once or twice a day.
  • It is also recommended that you stay away from sunlight as much as possible during these first few days.
  • Make sure not to pick at or scratch the area.

How Much Does Stretch Mark Camouflage Cost?

The cost of your procedure depends on several factors such as the size of the area and how many treatments you will require to achieve your final result. As a guide, we offer treatments for stretch marks in the tummy and thighs area at prices from £350 per session. Treatments usually take two to four sessions which will be spaced between 1-3 months apart. You pay at each session.

If you would like an estimate before getting started, please feel free to send us pictures of the affected areas and our team will contact you to get further details before offering you a guide price. 

Brazilian Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage Before and After

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