After you have completed your chemotherapy, semi-permanent makeup can open up a whole new world for you. Everyone’s chemotherapy journey is unique and so are its aftereffects. Whether your chemo treatment was successful or not, you’ll be glad to know its time to start muting some of the devastating consequences.

You may have already been using a wig to compensate for hair loss during your treatment. However, no one can really prepare you for the realities of living with the day-to-day effects of hair loss, and what it feels like to lose eyelashes and eyebrows during this difficult time. 

Semi-permanent makeup restores a sense of normality for mastectomy patients, serving a dual role of masking scarring and giving you realistic-looking 3D areolae. 

If you’re at this particular junction of your journey, you might be contemplating micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup after your chemotherapy.

If so, then you’re on the right page.

There may be many things you wish you’d known before starting chemo. One of those things is that your self-confidence is going to take a knock. Semi-permanent makeup after chemotherapy is certainly a way to restore confidence and reduce the self-consciousness you may feel. Brow micropigmentation however, can even be done before you start treatment – upon the approval of your medical team of course! 

This is a fantastic way for you to take control of what you can do for the process if it’s still ahead of you is it not?

Now that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll have enough courage to face some of the realities now rushing in upon you with renewed hope

Why the After Effects of Chemo Knock Your Confidence

You need not feel one iota of guilt for your feelings about how you look. Yes, you conquered Everest just going through your chemo treatment and while that is the bigger issue, it’s not necessarily the biggest picture going forward. 

Re-entering your community, resuming work, and even doing the shopping can be very daunting when you’ve lost your hair, your brows, and your lashes. The more up-close-and-personal effects of having undergone a mastectomy, for example, can be helped immensely by partnering with a qualified tattoo artist to create new areolae for you.

Semi-permanent tattooing won’t be another Everest to climb; it’s a molehill compared to all you’ve already gone through. But rest assured, semi-permanent makeup will go a long way to smoothing out that dent in your confidence. 

Self-Consciousness is a Great Survival Tool

It’s likely that the last thing on your mind was how you’d feel in the aftermath of your treatment. You may have passed through the utter exhaustion common after your last infusion where there was no energy to care about anything. 

But now, you may be feeling a little more like your old self with some more energy and less brain fog. Still looking in the mirror at a hairless version of yourself is a constant reminder that all is not well.

But there are solutions! The self-consciousness and lack of confidence you feel due to hair loss are (or can be) another survival tool for you. It’s about transforming self-consciousness into self-confidence! It is a way for you to take back control of your life, so you’ll feel less helpless as a result. Who would’ve thought that a cosmetic change could make such a cosmic difference? Attempted pun intended.

Semi-permanent Eyebrows, When To Get Them Done

Cosmetic procedures after chemotherapy often serve to bring a better sense of closure to the ordeal you’ve been through. It’s time to treat yourself!

Suki Mezei, a fully qualified and licensed micro-pigmentation, and medical tattoo specialist says; 

“Eyebrow tattooing or micro-pigmentation is a great way to give the appearance of fuller eyebrows with a natural result, using a technique to mimic the look of hair strokes or powder effect brows. I always carry out a thorough consultation first, working with you to draw the shape of eyebrow you would like and selecting the best colour.”

The good news is that you could have your eyes and lashes enhanced and your brows done before your chemo in readiness for what’s to follow. In some cases, doctors can clear you for semi-permanent eyebrow treatment during your chemo. Failing that, you can get them done as soon after your last infusion as possible.

“The beauty of a woman is in her eyes” – Ancient Proverb

One thing is certain, with micro-pigmentation as a very viable option, your healing journey can be made less stressful and more immediate.

Choosing Your Semi-permanent Makeup After Chemotherapy

Because of the growing popularity, digital machine tattooing and semi-permanent tattooing have become more commonplace, which is such a boon to cancer survivors right now. That means that tattoo makeup artists have had to hone their skills already and you can be more sure of their expertise.

After chemo, some people are left with thin eyebrows, and some with none at all. Take heart, restoration is a certainty for you. But do your homework. When choosing your brow artist, ask as many questions as possible. Ask to see their work or better still solicit advice from someone who has had eyebrow tattooing professionally done.

FAQ’s For Your Professional Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist

A professional makeup artist will welcome any and all questions around this topic. This will ensure that you get what you want and there are no nasty surprises!

You may have your own, but perhaps the below questions may come up too?

  • How long will my procedure take?
  • Do I need a sensitivity test?
  • Can I start micropigmentation before my chemo?
  • Can we discuss shaping and style first?
  • What aftercare is involved?

Semi-Permanent Makeup Pros and Cons

The beauty of semi-permanent makeup procedures is that they are as described; impermanent. Semi-permanent treatments will last you anywhere from a year to eighteen months. That means that you can update your look according to the latest trends or discontinue eyebrow work entirely if yours have begun to regrow in the interim.

Another factor that weighs in here is if you were dealing with skin cancer and where in your body it was treated. If there is surgical scar tissue, for example, it could be difficult to do semi-permanent makeup procedures. But it’s not out of the question – not by a long shot. Discuss it with our professional team and you’ll see just how creative our artists can be.

Let’s glance over the pros and cons together.

The Pros:

Natural-looking – professionally done eyebrow and eye enhancements will look natural.

Safe procedure – because it’s less permanent than tattooing, it’s less invasive on the skin.

Time saver – once your eyes, brows, and even lashes are professionally treated, you don’t have to apply eyeliner or mascara and you’ll look great without adding makeup.

Smudge-proof – no more mascara or eyeliner running down your cheeks! Water and perspiration cannot influence semi-permanent makeup.

Colour retention – the quality of ink used ensures that as the makeup fades over time, the colour remains what it was i.e black stays black and brown stays brown.

The Cons:

Poor results – only happen when micropigmentation is done unprofessionally.

Infection – again this is only a risk if not done in a reputable clinic.

Scarring – will only happen with unskilled makeup artists, so choose wisely.

Aftercare – even professionally done procedures will require special care for the first few days after having your micro-pigmentation done. (Although this can hardly constitute much of a con really, right?)

Guy Brows Matter Too

Male eyebrows are just as important and just as confidence-boosting as those on females.

Professional micropigmentation artists are fully qualified to restore the hair you lost during chemo. 

Men love the quick fix eyebrows because, in reality, having no hair on your head isn’t a thing for men. Many shave off what they naturally have to achieve the smooth and suave head look. 

You get to be very much a part of the procedure. With a qualified artist using a cosmetic digital tattooing machine, the results are natural-looking and blend perfectly with your own hair colour and texture.

Your Semi-Permanent Makeup Journey

You are not alone in this part of your quest. People you don’t even know and may never meet respect how brave you’ve been. So, take this next leap to bolster your confidence and bring you the positivity you need to carry through your healing journey. 

On the matter of semi-permanent makeup after chemotherapy, be assured that our skilled makeup artists excel in compassion for how you feel and are equipped to make a huge difference. 

You absolutely deserve to feel amazing.