What differentiates permanent make up from the other traditional forms of make-up? Some people may conclude that women spend too much time trying to look beautiful. There is no doubt that applying traditional make-up is time consuming as it reduces time at our disposal by anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours. This is far too costly for some who believe 24 hours a day is not enough for them.

There are also other medical conditions that prompt people to opt for permanent make-up such as Microblading and tattooing and even eyeliner or lip liner. We all want the perfect lips or the perfect illusion if you prefer. Also known as micro-pigmentation, it serves as a reconstructive procedure for people suffering from alopecia which is a condition that causes hair loss or even vitiligo which is the absence of pigmentation on the skin. Cancer patients who have lost their nipples can also have tattoo ink on reconstructed nipples to make them look realistic. Permanent make-up procedures helps such individuals get a permanent solution to their situation. You wake up with makeup! So folks in North London should find Suki at Ritz Laser Clinic or if you are in Central London, you can find Suki at the EA Clinic, 99 Harley Street, or Third Space Spa in Marylebone.

How much do you know about permanent make-up? The simplest answer to those who don’t have much to say about this is that permanent make-up helps us to avoid the daily makeup routine. Although the daily routine is straightforward and easy for some, others find it time consuming and a chore so whether you find it difficult or not, permanent make-up saves you the trouble. And let’s not forget who you might be waking up to next to – I am sure they will appreciate it also ????

it may sound easy and irresistible to you; lovely red kissable lips or perfectly shaped eyebrows but remember that getting your permanent make up is a semi-medical procedure with risks which is why you need a tested and trusted professional with the requisite training to look after you.

The permanent make-up procedure is similar to getting a tattoo and a tattoo pen is usually used to inject the new desired skin into your skin. Microblading uses a slightly different manual technique to create a hair stroke effect.

Your artist will may a local anaesthetic to make the area being tattooed numb. This is definitely true for permanent lipstick / lipliner, as this area is especially sensitive. For microblading, the artist shouldn’t use numbing cream, since this changes the texture of the skin and the ink will not embed well. The procedure normally lasts around 2 hours but it depends on what you are having done and whether it is a first treatment or a top up. The permanent make-up procedure described is popularly known as micropigmentation. Needles are used to position pigmented granules under the upper layers of the skin.

You have to be sure that a certified professional conducts the procedure now that you have an idea of how much of a delicate a procedure it is. To be a certified permanent make-up artist, one must have gone through different certification stages such as training on blood born pathogens, traditional beauty qualification training or an apprenticeship with an experienced professional. They must acquire basic first aid training before getting a license from the local council and finally a full official certification. You can read more about how to become a semi-permanent makeup artist here.

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