What is the difference between eyebrow microblading and eyebrow tattooing?

There are a few differences I have explained here between the 2 processes. I can carry out both types of permanent / semi-permanent eyebrows, depending on the look you are going for.

The finished look
Microblading is a welcomed step forward from traditional permanent eyebrow make-up. It offers customers a more natural look compared to a more solid, harsh tattoo. Eyebrow strokes are created, rather than a drawn on look. So microblading is designed to not actually look like makeup, giving the illusion of real hair. Microbladed eyebrows are also known as 3D eyebrows.

The tools used
Permanent tattoo makeup uses a traditional tattoo gun with a coil and rotary to draw the eyebrows on – this means you can’t get the thinner, more precise thin hair stroke lines, so they look thicker and darker. Microblading uses a smaller blade with multiple microneedles which is more manual and allows for thinner more precise lines that look more like hair strokes. The therapist will dip the blade in to ink and then carefully press the ink in to the 1st 2 layers of the skin. The precision means the ink won’t bleed and gives a natural look.

How long it lasts
Eyebrow tattoos last longer (more like a tattoo lifetime) because the ink goes in to the skin deeper and the ink that is used is different. Microblading doesn’t go as deep and uses semi-permanent ink, designed to slowly dissipate over time, normally lasting 1-3 years. Although some people would prefer it lasted longer, actually it is better than tattoo ink which can change colour over time. Microblading ink will not change colour and also if styles change over the years, you know you won’t have to wait long before it goes. It wasn’t so long ago that tweezered eyebrows were all the rage – so see how that quickly changed! The good news for those with permanent tattooed eyebrows is that they can have laser tattoo removal to at least fade them, if they have decided they no longer want such a harsh look. For laser tattoo removal in Hertfordshire see http://www.zenamaybeauty.co.uk/

I offer permanent and semi-permanent makeup treatments in Northwood, Hertfordshire at Ritz Laser Clinic and also at 99 Harley Street at the EA Clinic. Give me a call to find our more on 07525 820681 or email suki@permanentnaturalmakeup.co.uk

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