What is Medical Neediling?

Medical Needling treatments are remarkably effective for correcting many dermatological issues without the need for medications or harsh topical applications.  The skin is an impressive and complex structure in a constant state of regeneration. It is steadily working to repair, but when the structure itself is weakened, it requires intervention to promote correct restoration.  Clients who suffer from acne, and/or who have acne scarring, as well as those with rosacea, melasma or other complexion concerns will notice dramatic improvement with a 3 to 6 session treatment course.  Stretch marks from weight gain/pregnancy, scars from surgery, and even some types of hair loss can also be effectively addressed with medical needling.  By stimulating a repair and rebuild cascade, the skin sets about replacing unhealthy or unsightly structural anomalies with smooth rejuvenated skin.  With the use of bespoke topical serums that have been studied and shown to work specifically to address the specific skin concern or concerns, the repair process is two fold—initiated from the inside out, and from the outside inward.  Some conditions have no known actual cure, but their appearance is what is improved with medical needling.  To that end, after a treatment course, maintenance is always necessary to maintain beautiful results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can medical needling help with scar tissue or stretch marks?

Yes, deeper medical needling helps break down the scar tissue and promoting healthy regeneration of skin cells, ultimately resulting in flatter and more even skin tone. This is great prior to re-pigmentation if needed. We want the glands to return to normal functioning and medical needling promotes this correction by fostering healthy collagen which replaces scar collagen.

I have tried almost everything for rosacea, how can this possibly help?

Definitely. There are a variety of causes of rosacea.  It is a difficult condition to address and this is largely due to not always knowing the causes while also not having an established cure.  Microneedling will not cure rosacea but what it does is strengthen the cells of the skin so that the flushing and redness, as well as visible red capillaries are not noticeable.  Skin structure is made thicker and healthier.  Combining select, natural topical solutions can help stabilize the skin. Microneedling, in fact, is only of only a very small number of effective interventions for rosacea.

I have noticeable sun and age spots on my face. Will this help?

Yes it will. Sunspots and age spots are better known as hyperpigmentation.  Occasionally the opposite can happen, known as hypopigmentation.  Medical microneedling stimulates the melanocytes which are over productive in the case of sun and age spots, and under producing in the case of hypopigmentation (which can also be caused by the sun) to function normally, thus evening out skin tone and diminishing spots.  Clients who seek microneedling for aging often see age spots also disappear which is a bonus by product of this amazing treatment.

What do you mean by topical serums?

Microneeding creates thousand of tiny micro punctures allowing topical products to penetrate the skin and contribute to rejuvenation.  Certain serums have been studied and shown to have specific effects.  Serums containing specific vitamins, peptides, minerals, and essential oils help to correct specific conditions.  Too often skin care products cannot permeate past the uppermost layers of skin and, therefore, fail to do as they promise.  Combining microneedling with the use of serums ensures the efficacy of serum products to target the specific concern. 

Medical needling can actually help with hair regrowth?

Indeed it can. Just as stated previously, microneeding stimulates healthy dermal function.  When a hair follicle enters a dormant stage, with thinning hair or balding patches as the troublesome result, the stimulation of medical needling can trigger the follicle back into active regrowth.  The efficacy of medical needling for this purpose depends on the type/cause of hair loss.  A thorough consultation will be required to determine if this approach will work for you.

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