The general answer to this question is yes BUT there are many factors to consider:

Are you allergic to the inks?
Your practitioner should offer you a patch test at least 48 hours before you have actual treatment done. This will indicate if your skin has a reaction to the ink. Remember, once the ink is inserted into the skin permanently, if you had an allergy it would be a constant source of irritation, inflammation, soreness plus itching. It can also go lumpy.

(Semi) permanent makeup can cause infections
Permanent makeup procedures carry the same risk as having a regular tattoo. Ask your permanent makeup artist which inks they use and make sure they are from a reputable source. Bacteria can sit in cheaper ink (especially if sealed in China) and are difficult to treat. Obviously dirty needles can also spread infections, but you should see the practitioner open a brand new, sterile needle before commencing your treatment.

A cheap price doesn’t mean it will be good
Be careful when choosing your permanent makeup artist. Anyone offering very low prices probably means they are fairly new to the game. Everyone has to start somewhere, but it depends if you feel comfortable being a guinea pig for someone who has just finished their training. If you don’t feel comfortable, then leave. Don’t feel embarrassed – this is your face! Also ask for before and after photos – be careful of new practitioners using other people’s photos. You should be able to see on their phone original photos from a number of angles, so you know they were the one who took the photos.

The older you are, the longer the time to heal
The usual time frame to return for a top up is 4-6 weeks but add a week for every for each extra decade after 40. A good permanent makeup artist should only need to do one top up for the final result.

it is difficult to remove
It IS permanent to a degree that there will always be some residual ink, even if it has faded loads over time. If you hate your permanent makeup having just had it done, you can consider laser tattoo removal or a salt and saline solution treatment – both treatments are quite painful.

The bottom line:

When searching for “Permanent makeup near me” – DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST ON YOUR CHOSEN PRACTITIONER!