Eyeliner Permanent

Looking for more defined eyes without the hassle?

If you want your eyeliner permanent then this is the solution for you!

eyeliner permanentLooking good has never been so easy. No more having to re-apply your eye makeup in the morning or during the day if it smudges. Run, swim, sweat, cry and your eye makeup won’t budge. How long do you spend trying to get that perfect cat eye? If your hand isn’t steady, this can be a tedious task.

So how does the process work and how long does permanent eyeliner last?

Having an eyeliner tattoo isn’t exactly the same as having a regular tattoo, since it won’t be as deep. The ink will only be inserted in to the first layers of the skin, so it is more superficial. The machine used is however much the same, with a vibrating needle used to deposit the ink in to the eyelid skin.

It may be confusing that some people refer to the treatment as permanent whilst others refer to it as semi-permanent eyeliner. it it sometimes considered permanent because the pigment will stay in the skin forever, but the colour and its visibility will eventually fade to the human eye.

Choose from a range of permanent eyeliner colours to suit you.

Get perfect eye makeup 24 hours a day with no effort. Wake up beautiful!

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