Eyebrow Tattooing London

Eyebrow tattooing London

Looking for someone who provides eyebrow tattooing London?

Precise semi-permanent or permanent eyebrow tattooing London. Defining your brows for a natural look to wake up beautiful.  Eyebrows that don’t smudge with Eyebrow tattooing London or microblading London.

Eyebrow tattooing London

Hi,  I am Suki Su and I offer Eyebrow tattooing London. Also known as micropigmentation and permanent makeup, this fantastic service is becoming part of women’s lives everywhere who knew eyebrows would be so important!

Your eyes are probably your most important beauty feature and your eyebrows strongly influence how the eyes and the rest of your face look.

Beautifully shaped eyebrows, framing your eyes and giving you a younger, more beautiful look, great eyebrows really can make you feel like a different person.

Like many people, back in the day you may have over-plucked your eyebrow hair (very common!), lost hair due to medical reasons, or just cant seem to get the shape that suits you. Whatever your concerns, correcting them every day with eyebrow pencils or powder can be time-consuming with additional challenges presented by rain, exercise, swimming and hot weather.

I can offer either more permanent eyebrow tattooing London or semi-permanent microblading, offering a long term solution – you can throw away those eyebrow pencils and wake up beautiful every day :).  If choosing eyebrow tattooing, remember this can last years and years!

I offer these services in Harley Street London, Marylebone, North London and Northwood (near Watford / Slough / Pinner / Ruislip area).

I use a combination of micro-pigmentation ink pigments to achieve the exact correct colour for your face.  Makeup tattooing really is an art when choosing your permanent makeup artist – please see my instagram also for pictures: www.instagram.com/sukisubeauty_semipermanent

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