Eyebrow tattoo for men

Did you know that eyebrow tattooing can be for men as well as women?

Don’t think you are alone – a lot of men also look for solutions to thinning, sparse or uneven eyebrows so that they will still look natural and ‘manly’. If you are looking for someone who can create an eyebrow tattoo for men near you, you have come to the correct place. I offer eyebrow tattoo for men in Hertfordshire (Watford, Pinner, Ricksmansworth) and Central London (Harley Street).  The hair stroke (microblading) treatment for men can help you achieve a fuller, denser and more even eyebrow look.

Depending on how much you want to correct the shape and the overall appearance of your eyebrows, you have different options:

  • permanent make-up hair strokes (microblading with a manual tool)
  • permanent eyebrow makeup using tattooing (using an electronic machine)
  • permanent make-up shading or ombre (can use a combination of tools)

I can actually use a combination to reach the desired results you want to achieve for your new, improved eyebrows.  

For men, the hair strokes need to look more defined and realistic compared to what a women might get away with, as well as looking more “messy”.  It is still rare for men to have perfectly defined brows naturally, although an increasing number of men are choosing to perfect their brows too.  Whatever your taste is, I can accommodate 🙂

permanent eyebrows for men
Eyebrow tattoo for men

Permanent eyebrow tattoo for men with alopecia
Are you suffering from alopecia?  If you are, you know that this hair loss a man (or woman) can be detrimental to your self-confidence.  I can create a 3D semi permanent eyebrow result giving an incredible third dimension, helping you to achieve the most realistic look possible. My state of the art equipment and technique make it possible to reconstruct the missing hair from your eyebrows one strand at a time.

You might be surprised but a lot of men are also looking for solutions to problems with their appearance. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to get in touch for consultation or any questions – I would be happy to help

Eyebrow tattoo for men services – offered around these areas: Pinner, Ruislip, Slough, Rickmansworth, Bushey, Radlett, Harley Street, London, Central London, Greater London, Hertfordshire, Watford, Croxley Green, Mill End, Chorleywood, Northwood, Stanmore, Harrow, Bricket Wood, Kings Langley, Abbots Langley, Wealdstone, Eastcote, Ickenham, Uxbridge