While the beauty industry has a keen interest in the shape, thickness, colour and texture of eyebrows for women, it’s fair to say that most men don’t give their brows too much thought. 

However, the old adage that you never know what you have until it’s gone, applies here. 

Our eyebrows are certainly functional and play an integral role in communicating our thoughts and feelings as we talk with others. But they also serve as a silent frame for our eyes and an essential part of how our facial features come together. 

A face without eyebrows appears incomplete – a fact which becomes brutally apparent when they start to thin. This seemingly insignificant little patch of hair carries a lot of weight, and losing our eyebrows can cause major self-esteem issues.

We’re taking a closer look at the causes of eyebrow loss in men and what you can do about it if this affects you. 

What Causes Eyebrow Loss in Men?

When we think of hair loss in men, we often picture gradual balding as they age. We can forget that eyebrows are also “hair” and are subject to the same genetic, medical, and environmental factors as the rest of the hair on our bodies. So, what are the most common causes of thinning eyebrows?

Genetic Predisposition

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, affects around 6.5 million men in the UK. Most men will notice hair loss to some degree by the time they reach their 60s, while others may see the effects much sooner – perhaps in their 20s and 30s. 

The main reason for this can be traced back to the hormone DHT which inhibits the growth of hair (on the head) by impacting the processes within the hair follicle. Over time, DHT can stop hair growth completely resulting in permanent hair loss. 


All of us are acutely aware of the effects of ageing on our bodies, and our hair is no exception. Whether we fall victim to decreased levels of critical hormones or our body simply doesn’t work the way it used to, most of us will experience thinning hair as the years go by.

Stressed Roots

Less an issue for men, but still worth mentioning, is the process of over plucking or excessive waxing of the eyebrows. Each time the hair is pulled out it results in trauma to the follicle, and over time the root becomes scarred and no longer produces hair. 

Medical Matters

The fickle and upsetting auto-immune disorder, Alopecia Areata, is another cause of hair loss. Doctors are still trying to pinpoint the cause or triggers of this ailment which seems to have an agenda of its own. Periodic, patchy hair loss followed by weeks or even years of inactivity makes this disorder difficult to treat and manage.

Some have found that a poor diet has a gradual but definite effect on the hair, and indeed on the whole body. When our bodies lack certain vitamins and minerals they simply can’t function as they should and we’ll soon notice thinning hair as a result. 

Thyroid imbalances can also lead to hair loss, although thankfully these are usually reversible once the problem has been isolated and treated successfully. Likewise, skin conditions or infections can affect these areas but are mostly treatable.

Stress is yet another trigger that can quickly cause hair loss in men. When the body’s hormones are out of balance due to chronic anxiety and stress, we find that we lose some of the functions deemed non-essential for survival.

Of course, some medical procedures and drugs take their toll on the hair, notably chemotherapy in cancer sufferers.

Are There Treatments for Eyebrow Loss?

Yes, there are effective treatments for eyebrow hair loss, however, these depend entirely on the cause. Some medical interventions can arrest and reverse the problem, and some issues can be rectified by a healthy diet and stress management. Others simply need time.

The problem that many have, though, is the time it takes for their prescribed treatment to work and for the hair to grow back. This can be emotionally trying! 

For this reason, as well as the fact that many may never regain their hair, we are examining the feasibility of semi-permanent makeup. 

How Can Semi-Permanent Makeup Help?

Also known as microblading or temporary eyebrow tattoos, semi-permanent makeup serves to camouflage the affected areas of skin as naturally as possible. 

Unlike traditional tattoos which are permanent, this option lasts approximately 1 – 3 years. A careful build-up of fine, detailed strokes applied with a specialised tool leaves you with a beautifully natural-looking result. 

Our clients love the “instant fix” offered by this treatment, as well as the fact that it blends seamlessly with your own hair colour and texture. If your hair loss is temporary, then microblading is the perfect solution, fading slowly over time as your own hair grows back.

“Semi-permanent make-up uses the same pigmentation as microblading, however, a cosmetic digital tattooing machine is used with a lower frequency than for permanent tattoos. This eyebrow treatment is better suited to those with oily, mature or sensitive skin.” – Suki Mezei

Whether your eyebrows are thinning and you’re considering filling them in, or you’ve lost patches of hair, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Talk to the Professionals

Of course, one of the most important steps is to find the right person to work with in order to achieve the best results. 

Our team are keenly interested in your personal needs and are the perfect blend of highly trained professionals and quietly empathetic individuals. We understand the emotional impact of hair loss for both women and men, and we know how to fix it. 

If you’ve been looking for a solution to eyebrow loss, or in fact, any form of hair loss, please feel free to get in touch with us. Book your free consultation and let us demonstrate how we can change your life. 


Examples of semi-permanent tattooed eyebrows completely transforming the face.

eyebrow loss in men with permanent makeup

permanent makeup for eyebrow loss in men