Warning – this page may cause depression to vain females! Seriously gorgeous women alert!

Permanent makeup to accentuate looks has taken the world by storm. Given how natural this permanent makeup can look, it is not surprising that so many celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and had treatments done. I mean, who would know – you just notice they look better with no makeup on right??

There are various permanent makeup procedures which celebrities and us mere mortals opt for. This includes Microblading (natural hair stokes with ink), Eyebrow Tattooing (Ombre shading / powder / intense), Permanent Lip Liner and / or Lip Blush Blend (who lip covered for a completely natural look), Permanent Eyeliner and Head Tattooing (AKA Scalp Micropigmentation.

Let’s see who’s had what then and who has pulled it off best!

1. Rhianna

Well known for her singing and good looks, this Caribbean Queen has reportedly enhanced her eyebrows with permanent eyebrow tattooing. Like she needed to make her exotic looks any better!

2. Angelina Jolie

Academy award winner and mum of 6 is rumoured to be a big fan of the permanent makeup procedure. Her lips have a consistent colour which only requires gloss and they are perfectly defined. Her eyebrows look very natural so it is questionable whether she has had microblading or not.

3. Coleen Rooney

Well we all know her hubbie had a hair transplant, and it seems Coleen is also a fan of permanent enhancements to her looks. She had her eyebrows tattooed back in 2010, so ahead of most of us!

4. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole’s eyebrows are great for a reason – permanent makeup. The shape perfectly defines her facial features to help give that sexy, intense look a perfect finish. Am I allowed to say her eyebrows are Schermazing? (sorry).

5. Eva Mendes

Sigh. Eva Mendes AKA Mrs Ryan Gosling . Those eyebrows. That face. Eva admits to using laser, ZIIP electrical facials and coconut oil to stay looking youthful. Her eyebrows look totally natural, so we wonder if she has had microblading hair stroke tattooing. The fabulous beauty spot is natural but certainly an inspiration for ladies to have a permanent tattoo beauty spot to achieve the same cute look.

6. Megan Fox

Megan Fox, Transformers star, looks completely different now to how she looked in 2005 when she first came on the celebrity scene. She is obviously a huge fan of filler, Botox and laser resurfacing and her nose also got smaller. Her eyebrows look as though she may have had microblading and her lips have a very defined edge and solid colour, indicating she may well have had her lips tattooed also (which always looks completely natural when the full blush is done correctly).

7. Kim Kardashian

We all know Kim loves to try any new procedure or treatment. Her looks have changed dramatically over the years, which seems to be a running theme in the family (note Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner!). She also cries a lot if you have ever watched her reality TV shows and guess what, her makeup doesn’t run! The whole family looks great thanks to permanent eyebrows, lipstick and eyeliner.

8. Keira Knightly

I have put Keira in here because her eyebrows are seriously perfect and I am suspicious lol. She claims she has never plucked her eyebrows, even during that trend and that she has naturally hairy brows.

9. Jessica Lowdes

Canadian actress of 90210 who first came to fame as a model for Lipsy, hasn’t openly admitted she has had permanent makeup, but on close inspection of her brows, it appears she may have had natural powder brow tattooing to define her eyebrows more. She also an get away with just some gloss indicating she may have had permanent lip blush.

10. Madonna

Madonna will do anything to keep those years off, to permanent makeup was an obvious choice for her. In the 80s when she started her career she had naturally bushy brows but as with everyone, our brows tend to thin out over the years with age. Although she hasn’t confirmed this herself, her makeup artist Laura Choate has made it no secret that she has had eyebrow microblading. Madonna uses the microblading technique to fill in areas of missing hair and give a fabulous overall natural shape.

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