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Exploring Different Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

types of eyebrow tattoos

Don’t you love the march of technology? We certainly do, as it has given rise to a host of incredible new beauty treatments for those with less-than-perfect brows. We’re taking a closer look at the different types of eyebrow tattoos available today and which option would best suit your needs.  Before you dive into any […]

Choosing The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Micropigmentation

perfect eyebrow shape for micropigmentation

Eyebrows are one of those facial features that we don’t always notice yet play an enormous role in how we look. Perfect brows are, ironically, almost invisible as they quietly frame our eyes and add depth and interest to our faces. On the other hand, poorly done brows are jarring and tend to stand out […]

Micropigmentation: 7 Steps to Perfect Semi-Permanent Eyebrows


Natural-looking, elegantly shaped eyebrows are like the final frame on a beautiful painting.  The problem though is that the perfect eyebrows are not always attainable by shaping and plucking or other home care methods. Patchy hair growth, hair loss, or medical treatments can result in less hair than we need in order to get those […]

Semi-Permanent Makeup after Chemotherapy: How Can it Help?

Semi permanent makeup after chemotherapy

After you have completed your chemotherapy, semi-permanent makeup can open up a whole new world for you. Everyone’s chemotherapy journey is unique and so are its aftereffects. Whether your chemo treatment was successful or not, you’ll be glad to know its time to start muting some of the devastating consequences. You may have already been […]

Eyebrow Loss in Men – How Can Semi-Permanent Makeup Help?

eyebrow loss in men

While the beauty industry has a keen interest in the shape, thickness, colour and texture of eyebrows for women, it’s fair to say that most men don’t give their brows too much thought.  However, the old adage that you never know what you have until it’s gone, applies here.  Our eyebrows are certainly functional and […]