Medical Micropigmentation for Areola

Most clients who seek areola repigmentation come to me after breast reconstruction surgery. This may be following a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, or breast reduction/augmentation.  Sometimes, people are born with areola that are light or possibly misshapen.  With the art of tattoo, I can correct or create an areola that appears three dimensional, making it imperceptible from the real thing.  If scarring is present, medical needling can soften the tissue, thus creating a more even surface.

An areola is created to match an existing one, or if both are being created, the design is established in partnership with you. I can create as much realism as desired, including the appearance of Montgomery Glands and milk duct orifices.  Colour is chosen according to existing skin tone. Only the finest quality pigments and state-of-the-art equipment is used. Compromised skin, such as that that has been radiated requires a high level of expertise to work on. Utmost care and respect must be shown for this skin. Areola reconstruction requires both a high level of artistic ability and knowledge of skin. For cancer survivors this remarkable art marks the final step of a traumatic journey. It returns the client to a sense of wholeness and restores confidence and sense of self. Peruse my gallery for both initial and healed work.

Frequently Asked Questions

A friend of mine had a flap created for her breast reconstruction but my surgeon didn’t do that for me, can I still get this done?

Many surgeons who perform breast reconstruction will create a nipple flap for the patient who expresses his or her intention to have areola repigmentation.  This means that the artist does not have to create the same 3D effect.  Nevertheless, if the skin remains flat, all the details of a natural areola are meticulously created. I can work with whatever the situation presents provided you are a suitable candidate, which is determined in thorough consultation with your medical history carefully considered.

I decided not to get implants, but I still want areola tattoo.

You can get areola tattoo whether or not you have elected to have your breasts augmented.  I will work to soften any scar tissue at the treatment area, though tattooing over the scars is still entirely possible.

I am a competitive body builder and want my areola reshaped. Do you work on men?

I perform areola tattoo on both men and women.  If you want to make adjustments to the shape or colour of your areola this is completely achievable.  That said, heavy sweating can impact the longevity of any tattoo, so this is something that would need to be considered.

I just had my breasts reconstructed and I can’t wait to have this done? How soon can I book?

If your breasts have been removed and reconstructed it stands to reason that the skin can be quite thin.  Consult with your surgeon on the best timeline for getting your areolas tattooed.  It is always best to work on the healthiest possible canvas.  No risks are taken with your reconstructed breasts so I will always ask for a doctor’s permission before proceeding.

Is this the same as other tattoos?

Yes.  Areola tattoo is exactly the same as other tattoos.  The differences are only the area it is done on, which can be thin and/or compromised skin.  This means that a retouch will be required to create the best results and subsequent retouches may be necessary should your areola fade.

I had to have several radiation treatments so I am not sure I can have this done.

Radiation can compromise the skin making tattooing it risky.  Potential complications include infection.  Therefore, I will require a full consultation of your reconstruction journey and will require you to consult with your oncologist, radiologist, and cosmetic surgeon before proceeding with treatment.  It does not mean you cannot have this treatment.  Timing is everything.

I didn’t like my nipples before my surgery, I don’t want them to look like they used to.

I create the detail you wish.  If you had areola with wrinkles and many Montgomery Glands and didn’t like them, if you found them too large, too light or too dark, you do not need to have the same areola you had.  In fact, some clients even elect to have heart shaped areola tattooed!!!  The only restriction to this will be if you still have an areola.  My aim will be to make it look as close to the existing one as possible.  It is my name on the work so there are situations where I will discourage or refuse if I do not believe, as your artist, that your preference is the best for you.

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