What is Microblading?

Ever wanted to know what is involved if you get your eyebrows microbladed?
I have put together a little step-by-step guide, so you know what to expect before commencing the microblading, otherwise known as micropigmentation or semi-permanent eyebrow makeup treatment.

Step 1: Consultation – Natural Eyebrow Analysis

We will take a look at your natural eyebrow shape, as scarce as it may be, to determine where we will be tattooing, to give you a fuller look.

You should arrive with your brows made up how you normally have them, so we can see what you like.

Your natural eyebrows without any makeup are then examined and brushed back, so we can see what we are working with.

Photos will be taken at each stage which will be great for comparing once we’re done.

Step 2: Measurements

The next stage involves using rulers or callipers to measure the positioning of your new brows, so they are even.

We will chat with you about your desired finish, whether you want a natural look or a more intense finish. Don’t worry, you won’t leave with the infamous “Scouse brow” – unless that’s what you want! We will discuss the shape which we will recommend is in line with your natural brow shape and what suits your face. You also don’t want to end up looking like Spock from Star Trek.

Step 3: Pencil

Once we have agreed on the shape and overall finish you desire, we will then draw on the eyebrows. This won’t be representative of the final look, since the colour won’t be right and also the pencil is solid, rather than hair strokes if this is what you have opted for. It is just to get an idea of the shape and positioning before we start tattooing. This is an important step to get correct as your brows will be on your face for a few years probably (unless you get them lasered off).

Step 4: Mixing the colour

Your chosen colour which should match your natural tones will be mixed and agreed before we start.

Step 5: Tattooing

If you are worried about pain, don’t be too concerned. Everyone obviously has a different pain threshold, but generally speaking, it is just an annoying scratching feeling that your body will quickly adjust to. If anything, you are most likely to sneeze and get a runny nose! We won’t use a topical anaesthetic on the first layer, as it makes the skin spongy and the ink doesn’t take as well. If you do suffer easily from pain, it might be worth having some paracetamol half an hour before treatment.

Tiny emulated hair strokes are etched into the skin using a microblade tool (hence the name Microblading!). Microblading is done in layers, so the first layer will hurt the most. On subsequent layers, we can use numbing cream and your body will also kick in with its natural response to help numb the pain. So subsequent layers hurt less.
Expecting a scratching feeling and sound. Your eyes will water and you will probably sneeze!

Once the layers are finished, your eyebrows will be quite red. This redness will go down after a few hours so it is up to you if you want to organise any nights out or socialise afterwards – someone may comment if they are still red. And they will be about 70% darker straight afterwards compared to when they are healed.

Step 6: Time to Heal

You will be given aftercare instructions which include no exercise for a week (avoid sweating) and keeping them completely dry for 10-14 days – yes this may seem like a long time!

An aftercare cream or oil will be provided with full aftercare instructions. Remember the skin is open like a wound, so you have to avoid getting any infection.

They will look quite pronounced and you will probably get used to that fierce look but be prepared for them to fade.

After 5-7 days they may start to itch as the skin is healing, which is perfectly normal – try not to touch them!
As they fade more you may well get disappointed but stay patient – it is normal for brows to go a bit lighter as part of the healing process, but then the colour will come back again.

Step 7: Touch Up Session

You will need a second session of microblading for the full effect. You can have this done 6-8 weeks after your first treatment. You will discuss the results so far and decide how much more you want to add in. The process and aftercare is the same as before. I repeat – do not get them wet!

Here is a great video showing the process by Everlasting Brows

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