If you haven’t heard of (semi) permanent makeup, firstly where have you been hiding and secondly, you need to read this! There are many reasons why permanent makeup can improve your self-esteem and make your daily life easier.

Save time
This has to be up there with the most important reason for permanent makeup. How long do you spend drawing on your eyebrows, adding eyeliner and lipliner / lipstick? You could literally just wake up in the morning, add a bit of foundation and blusher if you need it, then gloss and go! Similarly, at night time you would spend less time wiping off your eye makeup and lipstick.

Be Active
Permanent makeup allows you to be active without the threat of eye makeup running down your face. Swim, run, exercise and your makeup will stay in place.

Wake Up Beautiful
Ever worry your partner will have a shock when they see you in the morning?? Well worry no more.

Hair loss
Fill in scarcity of hair through overplucking eyebrows, or from alopecia or chemotherapy. Bring back your confidence.

Sensitive skin
some people have allergies to conventional makeup – this is a perfect way to get around this issue and be able to wear makeup without irritating the skin.

Unable to apply normal makeup
People who have Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, or any other tremors will have problems keeping their hands still to apply makeup. Other people are simply incapable of applying makeup for one reason or another.

The treatments available:

Permanent Makeup makes it possible to look like yourself only an improved version! You’ll look better, and you’ll feel better. It is a fantastic and worth-while investment in yourself. Discover the benefits of permanent makeup for yourself.

Eye Brows

Eyebrows that are too thin can be enhanced with permanent makeup. Microblading can be used to give a soft, natural look with the illusion of hair strokes. Eyebrows frame and shape the face and a great eyebrow can really transform the face.


Eyeliner enhances the eyes with a soft natural look, or you can choose a more bold and dramatic look if you wish. Eyeliner is popular with male and female clients. Permanent eyeliner really fills in the eyelash gaps, giving lashes a fuller effect.

Lip Liner or Full Lips

Lip colour is perfect for changing the size and shape of the lips, as well as adding colour to the lips. It also prevents lipstick from ‘ bleeding’ into the fine lines around the mouth. Choose to define only the edges of the lip, or go for a full colour blend down in to the lip for a natural look. Many colour choices are available, so go for natural or a bolder look.

For more information on any of the above services, contact Suki Su on

Tel : 07525820681

Email : Suki@permanentnaturalmakeup.co.uk

Web: www.permanentnaturalmakeup.co.uk

Suki is based in Central London and Hertfordshire locations.

Cosmetic tattooing can also be used to give the illusion of hair follicles on balding or receding men, as well as filling in gaps to increase the appearance of hair density in men and women? Skin colour tattoo ink can also be used to disguise scarring.

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